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This wheatpaste wall mural was created by Miles Willis McDermott for his record lounge design at Apartment Therapy’s 2022 Small/Cool NYC show. Aiming to make large scale wall murals more accessible, Miles introduced this classic graffiti method into the interior design realm as a solution for urban-textured wall treatments on a budget. The file is free to download, but requires printing, cutting, some glue and finesse. Not recommended if you fear imperfection.

How do I make wheatpaste?

Wheatpaste is a simple mixture of flour and water, used by guerilla artists as an inexpensive way to paste their artwork onto a wall quickly. You can learn how to make it here.

Do I have to use wheatpaste?

If you're hoping for a slightly cleaner end result, you can use basic wallpaper glue. 

Step One:
Print it

Print the file on a 36" black and white plotter. These printers are designed to be an inexpensive large format black and white printing solution and are quite common. Call your local print shops to see if they have a 36" plotter before going to Kinkos or FedEx!

Step Two:
Cut it

Carefully cut out the Arches and Sides. An X-Acto knife and ruler work better than scissors for accurate lines. The Arches can be tiled infinitely with a half inch overlap and the Sides to cap off the ends of the Arches overlap a quarter of an inch.


Step Three:
It Up

It's recommended to use low tack tape to get the placement of the mural correct before applying paste. Start at the top and work your way down to ensure a level application. Wrinkles and little rips are usually unnavoidable and should be embraced.

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