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Giant Spiked
Ball Swag

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This monumental solid brass spiked swag pendant is both whimsically menacing and wonderfully elegant. The 14 foot solid brass Rococo chain is decorated with raw brass flowers and an antique style woven cord. At the end of the chain sits a large brass sphere containing a dimmer switch to adjust the special bicolor LED bulbs. Made with UL listed parts.


Length – Chain is approximately 168"

Width – Approximately 16" from spike tip to spike tip

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Fine tune the mood using the lamp's solid brass dimmer knob. The included specialty LED bulbs are designed to dimmed from a bright pure white down to ghostly orange glow.

14' Brass Flower Chain

Inspired by sinuous Floribunda rose vines, the pendant boasts a 14 foot solid brass Rococo chain, intertwined with the antique style woven cord and decorated in brass flowers.



This lamp is made of solid, unlacquered brass that has been oxidized and patinated for an aged appearance. The varied coloration and imperfections that add to the piece's history-ridden look will slowly change over time with use.

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